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  • You can use SNMP to monitor the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace application and the hardware for the Application Server, Media Server, and Web Servers.
  • SNMP versions 1 and 2c are supported. SNMP version 3 is not supported.
  • All standard MIB II queries and a set of Cisco Unified MeetingPlace MIB traps are supported.
The MIB II queries include the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Application Server name, location, contact name, and statistics regarding the network interface.
Each major and minor software notification includes an integer exception code and indicates which software module and server reported the alarm. Normally, each alarm instance generates a separate notification. In some cases, however, one specific incident could trigger multiple types of alarms.

Table: Cisco Unified MeetingPlace SNMP Traps
Name OID (object ID) Comment
Trap Types

Major Software Alarm


Generated any time Cisco Unified MeetingPlace reports a major software alarm.

Minor Software Alarm


Generated any time Cisco Unified MeetingPlace reports a minor hardware alarm.

Trap Message Content


Counter for actual Application Server uptime.

Trap Type


See Trap Types.

Exception Code

Primary code associated with each Cisco Unified MeetingPlace exception condition.

SwSys Unit

Unit number of the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace server that reported the exception.

Corresponds to the Unit number used by the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Gateway System Integrity Manager (Gateway SIM) to identify the server.

Alarm Description

One-line text description of the exception condition. It comprises a string indexed by the exception code filled in with context-specific values.

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