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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace PhoneView offers users a convenient way to join meetings, start reservationless meetings, view a list of upcoming meetings, and view meeting details. After joining a meeting, a user can perform in-meeting operations such as locking the meeting, recording the meeting, viewing a list of participants, and muting or ejecting participants.

Note: Cisco Unified MeetingPlace PhoneView is available only to Cisco Unified IP Phones that are registered to Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express does not support Cisco Unified MeetingPlace PhoneView.


Cisco Unified MeetingPlace PhoneView and Security

Using Cisco Unified MeetingPlace PhoneView may affect the way you secure your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system or network:

  • Cisco Unified IP Phones do not support SSL.
  • Once a Cisco Unified IP Phone is subscribed to PhoneView, anyone can use that Cisco Unified IP Phone screen to view the meeting details and invitees of published meetings. To join a meeting through PhoneView, however, you are always prompted for your phone profile password (numeric PIN).
  • Each time a Cisco Unified IP Phone accesses PhoneView, the following items are sent as clear text over the network:
    • Username
    • PIN or password
    • Phone number of the Cisco Unified IP Phone

Username and Password Requirements for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace PhoneView

The username and password required to subscribe to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace PhoneView depends on how the user is authenticated when logging in to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace from a workstation.

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Authentication Method Required Username for name Parameter Required Password for wfpassword Parameter

Locally by the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace database

User ID in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace user profile

Profile password in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace user profile

Externally by Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Username in Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Numeric PIN in Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Externally by Active Directory, Netscape Directory, or iPlanet Directory

Username in external directory

Numeric PIN in external directory

Language Requirements for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace PhoneView

The requirements in this section apply when Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, or the Cisco Unified IP Phones are configured for multiple locales, which are language versions for specific regions.

  • For each language enabled on Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, the matching locale must be installed on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. See the Cisco IP Telephony Locale Installer documentation.
  • For each Cisco Unified IP Phone subscribed to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace PhoneView, the user locale specified in Cisco Unified Communications Manager must match the language specified in the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace user profile.

Additional References for Configuring Cisco Unified MeetingPlace PhoneView

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