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When you schedule a meeting, Cisco Unified MeetingPlace attaches a prefix to an internally referenced meeting name. The prefix varies depending on the meeting configuration.

Note: The meeting name described above is not displayed to the user. This meeting name is not related to the meeting identifier or dialing plan.

For example, you configure a meeting with the following settings:

Select System Configuration > Meeting Configuration > Global Settings.

You can select High Rate or Standard Rate:

  • Standard rate (384 kbps maximum)
  • High rate (2 Mbps maximum)

When you select Media Server Configuration > Resource Management > Meeting Types, the following service prefixes are available: 60001-60006.

There are two prefixes for standard rate (384 kbps):

  • 60003: Standard Rate Video High Capacity Audio (Audio+Video 384)
  • 60006: Standard Rate Video High Quality Audio (Audio+Video 384)

There are two prefixes for high rate (2 Mbps maximum):

  • 60004: High Rate Video High Capacity Audio (Audio+Video (Capacity Plus) 2048 )
  • 60005: High Rate Video High Quality Audio (Audio+Video (Capacity Plus) 2048)

Each MCU in your system has predefined services that must be the same on all the MCUs. Cisco does not recommend that you modify these services because doing so can cause your system to have problems. These predefined services correspond to quality of service including two options for audio and three (including "none") for video, giving you six service prefixes.

When a meeting starts, it has a predetermined setting for audio and video based primarily on system configuration. The system selects a service prefix by searching for a service on the MCU that matches the audio and video settings.

You configure your services in the admininistration center. For audio you can choose higher capacity G.711 and G.729 (without LEC on G.729) or lower capacity G.711 and G.729 with LEC, or G.722 and iLBC. For video you can choose between standard rate (384 Kb) and high rate (2048 Kb). These selections (including the option of no video) determines which of the six service prefixes are used. Note that these settings are global. You cannot choose your settings on a per-meeting basis.

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