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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 6.x > Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Audio Server > Planning the installation > Database Planning Worksheets

NS Site configuration records describe information such as server location, the time zone where each server resides, and the phone number of the attendant, or help desk, where users are transferred if they need help during a conference.

Use this worksheet to plan the NS Site configuration fields.

For Options and Field Size values, in most cases the numeric and alphanumeric ranges given are the number of acceptable digits or characters for the field. (For example, Numeric-0 to 9 means that the field accepts any number between 0 (or nil) and 999999999.) Ranges with an asterisk (*) mean that the field accepts an actual number that falls within that range. (For example, Numeric-1 to 32767* means that the field accepts the value 3102 but not 32769.)

Field Description Default Options and Field Size Value

NS Site number

Identifies this site.

Based on the configuration and deployment of your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system, you might have Cisco Unified MeetingPlace servers installed in a single site, or at multiple sites.

For the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace 8106 or 8112, only site 0 is used. Other site records may be defined but they will be ignored.


Numeric-0 to 7


NS Site name

A descriptive name that identifies this site.


Alphanumeric-0 to 32


Is active?

Whether this Cisco Unified MeetingPlace site is active.

Based on the configuration of your system, there may be multiple sites that are not currently active.




Attendant phone

Phone number users are sent to if they request operator assistance, do not enter a number at the first voice prompt, or try to access an inactive profile.

Make the number consistent with how you will support the system. The person called to help callers must be available for assistance, trained as a contact or attendant on Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, and have access to contact and attendant materials.

Recommended: Phone number of help desk or company receptionist.


0/ 7- or 10-digit number


Time zone

Maintains system's internal clock.

Recommended: Time zone in which system is location.


Choose from full or subset list of time zone names


Subnet mask

Mask that completes address for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace host at this site.


Dotted decimal format


Broadcast address

Address used to broadcast packets on local LAN segment.


Dotted decimal format


Default gateway

Address of integration that accepts and routes information to other networks.


Dotted decimal format


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