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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 6.x > Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Audio Server > Scheduling and Attending Meetings

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace lecture-style meetings allow for one or more speakers and several remaining participants who are listeners only.

While scheduling a lecture-style meetings, meeting controllers can use the Lecture Meeting Attend Settings parameter to specify how they want listen-only participants to attend the meeting. This parameter contains the choices shown in Table: Listen-Only Options for Lecture-Style Meetings.


Table: Listen-Only Options for Lecture-Style Meetings
Option Allows Participants To

Admit as listeners

Automatically enter the meeting through the meeting room with their speaking ability turned off. (Video participants receive video even when their speaking ability is turned off.) Meeting controllers can "Open the floor" at any time to allow for general discussion (such as in a town meeting application).

Start callers in waiting room

Automatically enter the meeting through the waiting room where they can listen to on-hold music plus any meeting announcements the moderator may have recorded. This option allows speakers to converse in private in the main meeting room before beginning the meeting. Video is blocked for video participants. However, the web portion of the meeting is visible to all web participants.

When the moderators are ready to start the audio and video portion of the meeting, they can "Call the meeting to order" and bring all the waiting room participants into the meeting. Participants automatically have their speaking ability turned off until the moderator chooses to "Open the floor". Video participants receive video.

This option is only available to meetings scheduled in MeetingTime. Meetings scheduled in the Web Conferencing interface cannot be configured to start callers in the waiting room.

Start meeting with floor open

Automatically enter the meeting through the meeting room with their speaking ability turned on. When the meeting is set to begin, the meeting controller can "Close the floor" and turn off participants' speaking ability. Video participants receive video throughout.

For increased efficiency, we recommend that you schedule large meetings-any meeting involving more than 100 participants-as lecture-style rather than "all speaker" meetings. When you schedule large meetings, ensure that all entry/departure announcements are set to Silent and the roll call feature is disabled.

In large lecture-style meetings, when multiple participants initiate a request to ask a question, coordination becomes important. Each request must be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

Remember the following information:

  • Speaking ability is tied to whether or not the floor is open or closed. If, however, users mute themselves while the floor is closed and enter a breakout session the mute feature will not take effect until the floor is re-opened. Therefore, if users return to a main meeting where the floor has been re-opened, they may find that they are still "muted" from their earlier request.
  • Reservationless meetings cannot be lecture-style meetings.
  • With the Question and Answer feature in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, you can set up lecture-style meetings that have only one (or more) main speakers. All other participants in the meeting have listen-only privileges and must request to speak by pressing #71 on their phone. (The Question and Answer feature is not supported for video participants.)

To Set Up a Lecture-Style Meeting
  1. In the MeetingTime Schedule tab, enter values for your meeting.
  2. For Attributes, scroll to the Meeting Features topic, select the Meeting Type parameter, and choose Lecture .
    This disables all participant speaking ability except for the person who scheduled the meeting.
  3. To specify how you want listen-only participants to attend the meeting, for the Lecture Meeting Attend Settings parameter, choose a value.

To Place Participants Choose

Directly into the meeting as listeners (video is enabled; web is enabled)

Admit as Listeners

In the waiting room where they listen to on-hold music until the meeting is called to order (video is blocked; web is enabled)

Start Callers in Waiting Room

Directly into the meeting where they can talk with each other only until the meeting is called to order (video is enabled; web is enabled)

Start Mtg with Floor Open

4. Select the Q&A Meetings topic, and set the following options:

  • For the Off at Mtg Startup parameter, choose No .
  • For the Notify Attendees About Q&A parameter, choose Yes .

5. For the Q&A Introduction and Q&A Departure parameters, choose a value.

Note: Q&A meetings are not supported for video participants.

6. To let the meeting moderator move participants to the floor and give them speaking ability, set the Automatically Ask Next Question Parameter to No .

If you set this parameter to Yes, participants waiting in line to ask questions are moved automatically to the floor at their turn.

7. For the More Than One Question Per Site parameter, choose No .

This parameter limits the number of times participants can be listed in the queue, but does not limit the number of questions they can ask when they have the floor.

8. If you are not hosting or moderating this Q&A session, invite the host and moderator to the meeting, and make sure their speaking ability is turned on.

9. Finish scheduling the meeting.

Hosting a Lecture-Style Meeting

Hosts and moderators can perform various functions during a lecture-style meeting, as shown in Table: Keypad Functions for Hosting Lecture-Style Meetings.

To activate a function, on your phone keypad, press the key combination shown. (Press the pound key (#) followed by the numbers.)

You can activate all functions at any time as many times as you want during a meeting. To disable an active function, repeat the key combination used to activate it.

Table: Keypad Functions for Hosting Lecture-Style Meetings
To Press Comments

Bring the meeting to order


If you start audio participants in the waiting room, you must bring the meeting to order. When you are ready to begin, bring the meeting to order by pressing #45 on the phone keypad. You hear a beep and the announcement: "The meeting is now in session."

Return a guest to the waiting room


Open the floor to all


To turn on the speaking capabilities for all participants (for example, for an informal question and answer session), press #44 on the phone keypad. You hear the announcement: "The floor is now open."

Close the floor to all (when the floor is open)


This closes the floor to everyone except speakers and returns to lecture format. Everyone hears the announcement: "The floor is now closed."

(Participants) Getting into queue


After you announce you are taking questions, tell participants to press #71 if they want to be placed in a queue to ask questions.

Move the next queued participant to the floor


Move participant off the floor


You can then move the next queued participant to the floor by pressing #793 .

Continue moving participants on and off the floor until all questions have been asked or you want to return to the presentation portion of the meeting.

Hear the recorded name of a participant played back during the meeting (audible only to the moderator)

In the MeetingTime In Session tab, select the participant name and click the microphone button. The playback is not included in the meeting recording.

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