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Cisco Unified Communications Manager (formerly Cisco Unified CallManager) serves as the software-based call-processing component of the Cisco Unified Communications family of products. A wide range of Cisco Media Convergence Servers provides high-availability server platforms for Cisco Unified Communications Manager call processing, services, and applications.

The Cisco Unified Communications Manager system extends enterprise telephony features and functions to packet telephony network devices such as IP phones, media processing devices, voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways, and multimedia applications. Additional data, voice, and video services, such as unified messaging, multimedia conferencing, collaborative contact centers, and interactive multimedia response systems, interact through Cisco Unified Communications Manager open telephony application programming interface (API).

Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides signaling and call control services to Cisco integrated telephony applications as well as third-party applications. Cisco Unified Communications Manager performs the following primary functions:

• Call processing

• Signaling and device control

• Dial plan administration

• Phone feature administration

• Directory services

• Operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning (OAM&P)

• Programming interface to external voice-processing applications such as Cisco IP Communicator, Cisco Unified IP Interactive Voice Response (IP IVR).



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