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Phone compatibility

1. Q: Does UC320W support third party IP phones other than Cisco SPA300 and SPA500 series IP phones?

A: No, to utilize all the features included in UC 320W, to keep the configuration consistency, and to help the customer achieving a satisfying and smooth communication experience, only SPA300 and SPA500 series phones are supported.

System Set Up and Configuration

Q: How to set the date and time on UC320W

A: UC320W automatically updates its time by Cisco NTP server through Internet connection.

General Questions

Q: Is UC320W able to add user-defined information before the Caller ID when the Caller uses the Auto Attendant function? (For example, Caller A pushes “1” for sales, and the Callee sees “Sales A” on the display of the phone?)

A: No

Q: When blind transferring an incoming call to an external cell phone through SIP or using call forward no answer to a cell phone, will the original Caller ID being displayed?

A: No

Q: If I want to try some set ups not documented in the administration guide, other than contacting Cisco Tech Support, are there any sources I can go to?

A: Yes, you can use the Cisco Support Community for UC300 Series[1] to ask questions not too urgent to affect your business. We have experts both from within the company and outside actively providing answers in a timely manner.

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