Cisco MDS SanOS Troubleshooting Guide -- Troubleshooting SAN Device Virtualization

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This section describes how to troubleshoot and resolve SAN device virtualization (SDV) configuration issues in the Cisco MDS 9000 Family of multilayer directors and fabric switches.



With Cisco SDV, you can create virtual devices that represent physical end-devices. The SAN devices that are virtualized can be either initiators or targets. Virtualization of SAN devices accelerates swapout or failover to a replacement disk array, and it also minimizes downtime when replacing host bus adapters (HBAs) or when re-hosting an application on a different server.

Troubleshooting SDV involves checking the configuration of virtual devices, domain IDs, and zone sets. Configuration problems with SDV can prevent devices from communicating properly.

Note Note: SDV is a distributed service and uses CFS (Cisco Fabric Services) distribution to synchronize the databases.

Initial Troubleshooting Checklist

Begin troubleshooting SDV issues by checking the following issues:


Check off

Verify licensing requirements. See Cisco MDS 9000 Family Fabric Manager Configuration Guide.

Enable SDV on all the relevant switches.

Configure the virtual devices (with or without a persistent FC ID) in a VSAN.

Link the virtual device with the primary real device.

Commit the configuration in the VSAN and check the commit status.

Ensure that the SDV database is consistent on all switches.

Ensure that the virtual devices are zoned correctly.

Activate the zone set.

For a host/virtual device connected to a Cisco MDS 9124 Fabric Switch, ensure that there is a rewrite-capable SDV-enabled director switch in the path.

Debugging and Verifying SDV Configuration Using the CLI

SDV Limitations and Restrictions

SDV Issues

SDV Commit Fails

SDV Commit Partially Fails

Host Cannot Locate Disk

SDV Merge Fails When ISL Comes Up

Zone Activation Fails in a SDV Zone

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