Cisco MDS SanOS Troubleshooting Guide -- Troubleshooting FICON

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Fibre Connection (FICON) interface capabilities enhance the Cisco MDS 9000 Family by supporting both open systems and mainframe storage network environments. Inclusion of Control Unit Port (CUP) support further enhances the MDS offering by allowing in-band management of the switch from FICON processors.


FICON Overview

FICON Port Numbering

Default FICON Port Numbering Scheme

Reserved FICON Port Numbering Scheme

FICON Configuration Files

CUP In-Band Management

Fabric Binding

FICON Configuration Requirements

Initial Troubleshooting Checklist

Common Troubleshooting Tools in Fabric Manager or Device Manager

Common Troubleshooting Commands in the CLI

Port Swapping

Swapping Ports

FICON Issues

Cannot Enable FICON

Switch ISL Isolated

Fabric Manager or Device Manager Cannot Configure FICON

Mainframe Cannot Configure FICON

Cannot Enable FICON Port

Cannot Configure FCIP or PortChannel for FICON

FCIP fails for FICON

FICON Tape Acceleration Not Working

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