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For more information on troubleshooting Cisco Intercompany Media Engine, click here.

Troubleshooting Call Completion

Use the following steps to prevent calls from not completing properly over learned routes:

  1. Monitor RTMT counters in the Cisco IME Client object on the originating Cisco Unified Communications Manager for changes in CallsAttempted, CallsSetup, IMESetupsFailed, FallbackCallsSuccessful, and FallbackCallsFailed.
  2. Administrators </font>at the terminating side can monitor RTMT counters on their Cisco Unified Communications Manager for changes in the CallsReceived and CallsAccepted counters in the Cisco IME Client object. If the invite message gets to the terminating node, network problem likely exist.
  3. Network failures or issues may exist between the enterprises. Troubleshoot diagnose general network connectivity between the enterprises.
  4. If network issues do not exist, problems may exist with the route. Manually delete the route in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration. Cisco Unified Communications Manager will relearn the route. To access the IME Learned Routes window, choose Server > Intercompany Media Services > IME Learned Routes.

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