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Guide Contents
Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Voice Overview
Debug Command Output on Cisco IOS Voice Gateways
Filtering Troubleshooting Output
Cisco VoIP Internal Error Codes
Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Voice Telephony
Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Voice Protocols
Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Telephony Applications
Monitoring the Cisco IOS Voice Network
Cause Codes and Debug Values


voice call debug Command

The debug output for calls on Cisco voice gateways is managed by using the voice call debug command in global configuration mode. When this command is enabled, the standardized header appears when voice debugs are used.

Supported Commands

The voice debug commands that support the standardized header include the following:

  • debug crm
  • debug fax dmsp
  • debug fax fmsp
  • debug fax foip
  • debug fax mmoip aaa
  • debug fax mspi
  • debug fax mta
  • debug mgcp all
  • debug mgcp endpoint
  • debug mgcp endptdb
  • debug mgcp errors
  • debug mgcp events
  • debug mgcp gcfm
  • debug mgcp inout
  • debug mgcp media
  • debug mgcp nas
  • debug mgcp packets
  • debug mgcp parser
  • debug mgcp src
  • debug mgcp state
  • debug mgcp voipcac
  • debug rtsp all
  • debug rtsp api
  • debug rtsp client
  • debug rtsp error
  • debug rtsp pmh
  • debug rtsp session
  • debug rtsp socket
  • debug tgrm
  • debug voip application vxml
  • debug voip avlist
  • debug voip ccapi
  • debug voip dialpeer
  • debug voip dsm
  • debug voip dspapi
  • debug voip hpi
  • debug voip ivr all
  • debug voip ivr applib
  • debug voip ivr callsetup
  • debug voip ivr digitcollect
  • debug voip ivr dynamic
  • debug voip ivr error
  • debug voip ivr script
  • debug voip ivr settlement
  • debug voip ivr states
  • debug voip ivr tclcommands
  • debug voip profile fax
  • debug voip profile help
  • debug voip profile modem
  • debug voip profile voice
  • debug voip rawmsg
  • debug voip tsp
  • debug voip vtsp
  • debug vtsp all
  • debug vtsp dsp
  • debug vtsp error
  • debug vtsp event
  • debug vtsp port
  • debug vtsp rtp
  • debug vtsp send-nse
  • debug vtsp session
  • debug vtsp stats
  • debug vtsp vofr subframe
  • debug vtsp tone

For detailed examples of these debug commands, see the Cisco IOS Debug Command Reference.


  1. enable
  2. configure terminal
  3. voice call debug {full-guid | short-header}
  4. exit
  5. Run desired debug command.


Command or Action Purpose




 Router> enable 

Enables privileged EXEC mode.

  • Enter your password if prompted.


configure terminal


 Router# configure terminal 

Enters global configuration mode.


voice call debug {full-guid | short-header}


Router(config)# voice call debug full-guid 

Specifies the full GUID or short header for debugging a voice call in a multiple-call environment.

  • full-guid'-Displays the GUID in a 16-byte header. When the no version of this command is input with the full-guid keyword, the short 6-byte version displays. This is the default.
  • short-header-Displays the CallEntry ID in the header without displaying the GUID or module-specific parameters.




 Router(config)# exit   

Exits to privileged EXEC mode.


Run desired voice debug command. Example:

 Router# debug voip ccapi inout   

Enter the appropriate debug command for your troubleshooting needs.

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