Cisco IOS Voice Troubleshooting and Monitoring -- Enhanced Billing Support for SIP Gateways Troubleshooting

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Guide Contents
Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Voice Overview
Debug Command Output on Cisco IOS Voice Gateways
Filtering Troubleshooting Output
Cisco VoIP Internal Error Codes
Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Voice Telephony
Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Voice Protocols
Troubleshooting Cisco IOS Telephony Applications
Monitoring the Cisco IOS Voice Network
Cause Codes and Debug Values

To troubleshoot the Enhanced Billing Support for SIP Gateways feature, perform the following steps:

  • Make sure that you can make a voice call.
  • Use the debug ccsip all command to enable all SIP debugging capabilities, or use one of the following SIP debug commands:
    • debug ccsip calls
    • debug ccsip error
    • debug ccsip events
    • debug ccsip messages
  • In addition, debug ccsip events and debug ccsip all include new output specific to the Enhanced Billing Support for SIP Gateways feature. The example shows how the Proxy-Authorization header is broken down into a decoded user name and password.
  CCSIP SPI: SIP Call Events tracing is enabled   
  21:03:21: sippmh_parse_proxy_auth: Challenge is 'Basic'.   
  21:03:21: sippmh_parse_proxy_auth: Base64 user-pass string is 'MTIzNDU2Nzg5MDEyMzQ1Njou'.  
  21:03:21: sip_process_proxy_auth: Decoded user-pass string is '1234567890123456:.'.  
  21:03:21: sip_process_proxy_auth: Username is '1234567890123456'.   
  21:03:21: sip_process_proxy_auth: Pass is '.'.   
  21:03:21: sipSPIAddBillingInfoToCcb: sipCallId for billing records =  
  10872472-173611CC-81E9C73D-F836C2B6@ ****Adding to UAS Request table

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