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Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) is a next-generation unified communications and collaboration platform for service providers who want to offer unique Cisco collaboration technologies using hosted and managed models. Cloud collaboration with Cisco HCS delivers the advantages of Cisco’s collaboration solutions, with the financial, operational, and strategic benefits associated with cloud services. Cisco HCS is a distributed system, consisting of Cisco hardware and software products that work together to enable service providers to offer services to their customers. Cisco HCS gives you:

  • A group of open, interoperable, integrated, and validated architectures that deliver secure and reliable collaboration services to service providers and lets them choose the configuration that fits their needs.
  • A unique and broad portfolio of unified communications and collaboration applications and features.
  • A platform that interoperates with service provider networks and their applications.
  • A comprehensive management tool.

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Cisco HCS Release 9.2(1)

To view release-specific documentation for Cisco HCS release 9.2(1), click the following link:

Cisco HCS Release 9.1(1)

To view release-specific documentation for Cisco HCS release 9.1(1), click the following link:

Cisco HCS Release 9.0 and 8.6

To view release-specific documentation for release 9.0 and 8.6, click the following link:

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