Cisco Configuration Engine -- Troubleshooting

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The Cisco Configuration Engine is a network management software that acts as a configuration service for automating the deployment, management, and upgrading of network devices and services. Each Configuration Engine manages a group of Cisco devices (switches and routers) and the services that they deliver, storing their configurations and delivering them as needed. The Cisco Configuration Engine automates initial configurations and configuration updates by generating device-specific configuration changes, sending them to the device, executing the configuration change, and logging the results.


This document contains troubleshooting information for the Cisco Configuration Engine. It contains the following sections:

Note: This is not an administration manual. For comprehensive information about administering the Cisco Configuration Engine, see the Cisco Configuration Engine Administration Guide at

Checking the Version Number

To check the version number of the Cisco Configuration Engine software, do one of the following:

  • Start the Cisco Configuration Engine application, and look for the version number in the displayed login screen.
  • Use the version command. This command is located in the cd $CISCO_CE_INSTALL_ROOT/CSCOcnsie/bin directory.

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