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Supported Virtual Machine OVA Templates

A virtual machine template defines the configuration of the virtual machine's virtual hardware. Open Virtualization Format (OVF) is an open standard for describing a virtual machine template, and Open Virtualization Archive (OVA) is an open standard to package and distribute these templates. Files in OVA format have an extension of ".ova".

The OVAs contain virtual hard disks with pre-aligned disk partitions. Using the OVA is the only way to deploy the UC applications on aligned disks. Using the OVA also guarantees that all configuration of the virtual machine is correct and supported.

See Downloading OVA Templates for BE 6000 applications for more information on how to download OVA templates for UC Applications.

Unified Communications Manager

Unified Attendant Consoles

Supported OVA Templates: Unified Attendant Consoles
Application, OVA Capacity and Notes+Download Link vCPU Cores vRAM / Memory vDisk vNIC Notes
OVA for CUxAC 1 @ 2.55 GHz 2 GB 1x 80GB 1 Note: Cisco does not provide preconfigured OVA files for CUxAC. Please build manually using these requirements. CUxAC requires a VM to meet or exceed minimum physical server specs described on the CUxAC datasheet

Cisco Unity Connection

Cisco Unified Presence

See also:

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express

See also:

Supported OVA Templates: Cisco Unified Contact Center Express
Application, OVA Capacity and Notes+Download Link vCPU Cores vRAM / Memory vDisk vNIC Notes
100 agents (Release 8.5(1)) 2 4 GB 1x 146 GB
  • vDisk 1 = Operating System, Unified CCX binaries, and Unified CCX logs

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