Cisco Automated Administrator (AAS) for Symposium: AAS - Error bulk updating Administration & Data Server

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AAS - Error bulk updating Administration & Data Server

Problem Summary Error bulk updating Administration & Data Server
Error Message 04:21:42 pg11A-aas1 Error performing bulk update of the ICM/Administration & Data Server. 04:21:42 pg11A-aas1 Trace: MDS: Entering MDSAllocBuffer 04:21:42 pg11A-aas1 Trace: Call to MDSAllocBuffer failed. Last API Error [-519815424]: Attempt to use MDS API function before calling MDSRegisterClient. 04:21:42 pg11A-aas1 Trace: Exception Type:CmsServerExceptionError Message: LoginName is already definedDate: Apr 25, 2007Logging ID: 0Facility code: 512Facility name: Cms data validationError class: 100Error code: -9976
Possible Cause This error would be seen if agents and skill groups were not deleted permanently from ICM before installing AAS.
Recommended Action Delete all the agents and skill groups permanently from ICM before AAS is started.
Release Release 7.5(1) and 8.0
Associated CDETS # None.

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