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AAS - CMS node failure

Problem Summary The following error will be seen in CMS logs if CMS node fails.
Error Message dis-cms Trace: [2007/03/23 17:59:11] [ProcessID=2084, ThreadID=3476] DIAG-ERROR (42144) Failed to encode a REM for transporter CmsSvr_ExtOut. REM not returned (ID: 4, REQ:, VMID:
Possible Cause CMS node crashes due to a limitation in CONAPI which can’t return records more than 1024 X 1024 characters and AAS does an unfiltered query to CONAPI.
Recommended Action AAS has been modified to prevent CMS node from crashing. Defect number is CSCsi26344.

As part of the fix, the following dynamic (hidden) registry is provided:

"AASConAPIThrottleMaxResults" of type "dword" under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco systems, Inc.\ICM\\\PG\CurrentVersion\AAAS\\Dynamic. The default value is 1500. If needed, the value of this registry can be increased up to 3500.

Release Release 7.5(1) and 8.0
Associated CDETS # None.

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