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You can check the status of the VXML server (either UP or Not Reachable), and you can shut down and restart the server, from the CVP Operations Console as follows

  1. Using VNC Viewer or a similar program, access the console of the CVP server or virtual machine.
  2. Start the Operations Console program: Start > Programs > Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal > Operations Console.
  3. Log into the Operations Console using the password you established during the CVP installation process.
  4. From the Operations Console menu, select: System > Control Center.
  5. Check the status of the VXML server. It should be Up.
  6. Depending on the issue you are trying to remedy, you may need to start the server, or shut down and restart the server. Select the server using the radio buttons at the left edge of the "Network Map" and click the Start or Shutdown button.
  7. A status message indicates that the command has been sent to the server. Wait at least one minute then reselect System > Control Center from the menu and recheck the server's status.
  8. Apply another operation (Start or Shutdown) as needed.

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