Check for call events being sent to the Reporting server.

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Problem Summary

Check for call events being sent to the reporting server.

Error Message


Possible Cause


Recommended Action

From the Operations Console menu, select: Device Management > Reporting Server > click the reporting server's link. On the Edit Reporting Server Configuration window, click: Statistics.

You should see events received and you should see Database Writes. If you see events, but do not see database writes, be sure you followed the prerequisite below:

The CVP VXML Standalone Server with Reporting CVP exercise uses the Reporting Package, one of the CVP installation selections. This package requires the hostname or Windows's hostname for the CVP server to be 12 characters or less and the hostname cannot include any dashes. In the example exercises, the CVP server's hostname is DOCCVP801. If the hostname does meet these requirements, the exercises will work properly, and will create call reporting events. However, no data will be written to the Informix database.



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