Chat Subsystem is in Not Configured State

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Chat Subsystem is in Not Configured State

Problem Summary Log in to Unified CCX serviceability page and check the status of Chat subsystem under Unified CCX Engine. Chat subsystem is in Not Configured state.
Error Message Chat subsystem in Not Configured state.
Possible Cause SocialMiner server details are not configured in the Unified CCX AppAdmin.
Recommended Action - Log in to Unified CCX AppAdmin. Go to Subsystems > Chat > SocialMiner Configuration page, and enter the hostname/IP address and login credentials of the SocialMiner server. Save the configuration.

- Watch the status section for success message.
- In case of an error related to invalid IP address or login credentails, try saving the page with valid SocialMiner server details.
- In case of any other failure message, check the SociaMiner status section for the status of Feed, Campaign and Notification creation.
If any of the above configurations show mismatch, try deleting the feed, campaign, notification manually from the SocialMiner Administration page.

Release Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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