Chat Agent Not Able to Change State

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Chat Agent Not Able to Change State

Problem Summary Agent logs in to Chat Agent URL [https:// <uccx_server_fqdn/agentdesktop https://<uccx_server_fqdn/agentdesktop].
After accepting the certificates and providing login username and the password, while trying to change state from Not Ready to Ready or vice versa or while trying to log off the Agent, the state change fails.
Error Message Timeout error or Service Unavailable.
Possible Cause Issue with Notification Service.
Recommended Action - Make sure that logs and traces have SS_Chat debgging and that Xdebugging Level 1 is enabled.
- Check the MIVR logs, grep for SS_CHAT for errors.
If in the logs you find something like "Cisco XMPP Exception occurred while sending XMPP notification for agent, restart Cisco Notification Service.
Release Release 9.0(1)

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