Cannot make configuration changes in RmCm Subsystem

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Cannot make configuration changes in RmCm Subsystem

Problem Summary In a high availability deployment, the user cannot make changes to the configuration in the RmCm subsystem, such as add/remove skills, team and so forth.
Error Message There was an error reading/updating the database. Please contact your administrator.
Possible Cause Cisco Unified CCX stores configuration data in Configuration datastore, which is managed by the Microsoft SQL database. The high availability databases use Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) service to communicate with each other, and MS DTC service uses the NetBIOS name of its peer to talk to other MS DTC services. This problem is caused by invalid name resolution of the database nodes so that MS DTC cannot communicate.
Recommended Action

Make sure the two database nodes can communicate with each other, not just by IP address, because DTC also requires that you are able to resolve computer names by way of NetBIOS or DNS. You can test whether or not NetBIOS can resolve the names by using ping and the server name. The client computer must be able to resolve the name of the server, and the server must be able to resolve the name of the client. If NetBIOS cannot resolve the names, you can add entries to the LMHOSTS files on the computers.

You can download DTCPing.exe from Microsoft to troubleshoot the MS DTC issue. Go to:;en-us;250367.

Release Release 7.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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