Can't create a new Datasource from the Appadmin

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Can't create a new Datasource from the Appadmin

Problem Summary Cannot create a new Datasource; get this error - Config Error occurred creating the Datasource. Even after refreshing the database schema from the editor step, the datasource not getting displayed.
Error Message "Config Error occurred creating the Datasource"
Possible Cause Even though the datasource gets created in the config object, the notification to the engine is failing. Even after enabling SS_DB DEBUG logging, you will not be able to see any logging related with the changes. The root cause of this issue is the presence of duplicate entries for className='' in ConfigSchema and ConfigSchemaColumn table in the db_cra database.
Recommended Action Open SQL Query Analyzer and run the following queries in db_cra database.

select ConfigClassID from ConfigSchema where className=''

Suppose the query returns two values, say 8 and 13. Take the higher value which is 13. Run the below queries using ConfigClassID as 13. You have to take the higher value returned in customer setup for executing the below queries.

delete from ConfigSchemaColumn where ConfigClassID = 13

delete from ConfigSchema where ConfigClassID = 13

Release Release 7.0, Release 5.0
Associated CDETS # None

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