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Scenario Setup


  1. Enable the following fields in C:\CiscoMB\servlet\Properties\Blender\
# Prefix to dial a long-distance call
# Prefix to dial a local outbound call
# Set this to the local area code, if necessary. If this value is
# removed from the phone number, diallocalprefix will be prefixed
# instead of diallongdistanceprefix.

We will be using the same IPC and agent desktop as in the previous scenario

  • Student 1 will be the agent using extension 2000. Make agent "daisy" Ready.
  • Student 2 will be the customer using extension 4001. Make agent "dduck" Not Ready.

Initiate a callback through the Callback entry point.

  • Launch from the Default partition console by navigating to Administration > Departments > Service > Chat > Entry Points
  • From the top right pane select Callback
  • From Call Back’s Properties menu Select Test Entry Point
  • Fill in the Live Help with Name; Email Address; Phone Number (Enter 978XXX4001, where XXX can be any digits from 1-9)

Problem Statement

Callback is not working; Agent receives a CTI Warning: You have dialed an invalid number. Please check the number and try again.

CTI Error.jpg


The CTI Warning indicates the error occurred when ext 2000 tried to call 978-451-4001.

  • Looking at the JGW1 trace the CiscoCause is UNALLOCATEDNUMBER.


  • The CTI Server Trace shows Dest_NOT_OBTAINABLE

CTI Server Log.jpg

Validate Call Manager Configuration

Verify Call Routing Configuration in Call Manager for extension 2000. 

Verify the Partition and Calling Search Space (CSS) at the device level for 2000

Verify the line CSS for the agent line 2000

 Use the Dialed Number Analyzer to validate CSS

  • Navigate to Call Manager Serviceability > Tools > Dialed Number Analyzer > Analyer

DNA Input.jpg

  • The DNA Analysis Output will show the Pattern is Blocked

DNA Output.jpg

  • Check the Calling Search Space (CSS) of the Agent 2000 Device and Line.
  • Navigate to CCM Administration > Device > Phone > Agent 2000 and note the CSS of the Agent Device and the Agent Line 2000

CCM Config.jpg


Agent Desktop error states "Invalid number"


CTI Svr log - DEST_not_obtainable

Dialed Number Analyzer to quickly verify agent CSS

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