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Scenario Setup


  1. Modify C:\CiscoMB\servlet\Properties\Blender\ to have "ctistrategy=Predictive" instead of "ctistrategy=AgentReserved"
  2. Stop/Start "Apache Tomcat" service to restart Cisco Media Blender

  • Student 1 - Customer on ext 4000
    • Launch IP Communicator with extension 2000
    • Log-in daisy into CTI/OS agent desktop
    • Make agent daisy Not Ready
      Student1 CallBackFails.jpg

  • Student 2 - Agent on ext 2001
    • Launch IP Communicator with extension 2001
    • Log-in dduck into CTI/OS agent desktop
    • Make agent dduck Ready
      Student2 CallBackFails.jpg

Initiate a callback through the Callback entry point.

  • Launch from the Default partition console by navigating to Administration > Departments > Service > Chat > Entry Points
  • From the top right pane select Callback
  • From Call Back’s Properties menu Select Test Entry Point
  • Fill in the Live Help with Name; Email Address; Phone Number (Enter 4000)
    Test Entry Point.jpg

Problem Statement

Callback is not working. Agents are being placed into Not Ready by the system

CMB Validation

  • Validate the Media Blender properties. From the Media Blender administration page Navigate to Media Blender > Server > Properties. Verify that medium1 and medium2 files are correctly identified.

Blender Properties.jpg

  • Verify the CiscoCTI properties. Most importantly verify the correct CTI strategy is defined. UCCE ONLY supports AgentReserved. Note the Cisco Media Blender will go active even if some of the properties are not correctly defined.

Medium1 properties.jpg

Call Tracer

  • Note that Call Tracer will show no errors

Call Trace.jpg

  • Call Tracer shows call should route to agent 2001

Call Tracer List.jpg


Set CMB trace level to 10 and restart CMB. Logs will show event synchronization failed. Search further down in the log for Vector and the log will incidate Media Blender is trying to get the first agent from a vector

CMB Log 1.jpg


Application Log to Entry Point Command successful

EAAS for New Activity Arrived

MR PG sends INRCMSGNewCall to Router

Agent PG Device_Target_Pre_Call

CTISvr Agent Pre Call

CMB Agent Pre Call

Agent Pre Call Message failed due to incorrect CTI Strategy


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