Call Tracing: What components did the call reach?

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Call Tracing: What components did the call reach?

Problem Summary You can track the call through the system by searching for a Cisco-GUID. The Cisco-GUID is the common denominator used in logging for every call across each component. Find the relationships in the Unified CVP logs.
Error Message The error message for this problem...
Possible Cause The Cisco-GUCID has the format:

There are two exceptions to the common Cisco-GUCID:

  • When Unified CM is the caller source, use the LegID. The LegID format is:
  • If the call never makes it to Unified Expert Advisor from Unified CVP 4.x, then search for the GUID. The GUID format is:
Recommended Action To determine which components the call reached, search for the Cisco-GUID/GUCID in the following logs:
  • Unified Expert Advisor MMCA logs
  • Unified ICM VRU PIM "VRU Capture" logs
  • Unified Expert Advisor PG PIM and OPC logs
  • All Unified CM and Unified Presence logs
  • Unified CVP logs
  • Ingress gateway logs (if your calls are arriving via TDM)
  • VXML gateway logs
Note Note: For IOS logs, turn on debug ccsip all.
Release Release 7.6(1)
Associated CDETS # None.

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