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(Tracking the call in Unified CM)
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Tracking the call in Unified CM

Problem Summary If the call was delivered to a Unified CM phone, then the Cisco-Guid appears in the Unified CM logs.

If the call was originated by a Unified CM phone, then you will not find the Cisco-Guid in the Unified CM logs.

Error Message None.
Possible Cause This is the normal behavior.
Recommended Action To find the call:
  • Search the Unified CVP log for all lines containing both the Cisco-Guid AND the following text:
[INBOUND]: Display Name
  • In the resulting lines, look for "LEGID = 120111222148396083" (for example, the number is different for each call).
  • Search the Unified CM logs for the LEGID you find above.
Note Note: To get the necessary information in the Unified CVP logs, use Unified CVP's diagnostic page (or other methods) to turn on DEBUG level logging, and the DEBUG41 trace masks (on by default in Unified CVP 7.x).
Release Release 7.6(1).
Associated CDETS # None.

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