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Problem Summary

When you complete the customhelloworld exercise and call its DN, you may receive the following audio error message:

Error Message

“I'm sorry, we are experiencing difficulties. Please call back at a later time.”

Possible Cause


Recommended Action

Assuming you previously performed Exercise #1 successfully, try placing the HelloWorld call. If the HelloWorld call goes through, the voice gateway, VXML Server, and Unified CM are all working and the issue is with some aspect that is unique to the customhelloworld implementation.

Note: On the Unified CVP server, run status.bat from C:\Cisco\CVP\VXMLServer\admin, to verify that customhelloworld is running on the VXML Server. You can also see if there are active callers or sessions waiting for the customhelloworld application.
  • If you are performing the TTS version of this exercise, confirm that you put text into the TTX box.
  • If you created customhelloworld to play a text message, the TTS server is a unique link in the customhelloworld exercise. (In the prior exercise, the HelloWorld application does not require a TTS server.) Access the TTS server and verify that its status is Up.
  • If you are performing the non-TTS version of the exercise, confirm that the link to the audio file is typed correctly in the URI box and the name of the .wav file is spelled correctly.
  • Confirm that the wave file you are trying to access (non-TTS version of the customhelloworld exercise)has been copied to: C:\Cisco\CVP\VXMLServer\IIS\webapps\CVP\audio.
  • Access the voice gateway configuration file and verify that it properly points to the TTS server.


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