Call Server Troubleshooting

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Problem Summary

The earlier section Common Audio Responses, Error Messages, and Issues with Solutions contains error indications that include problems with the call server. The following information supplements that section.

Error Message


Possible Cause


Recommended Action

Call server status is partial:

  • An immediate busy signal usually indicates an issue with the gateway or a call server that is down.
  • This is normal status for the standalone applications because the call server is not connected to ICM.
  • In the comprehensive exercise, a status of partial usually indicates a problem with the configuration of the PG connecting CVP to ICM. Refer to Troubleshooting the PG Installed on the Unified CVP Server.

Note: You do not need a license file for the test implementation of the call server. However, the test implementation is limited to thirty simultaneous calls. This means that, if, for some reason, calls are not being completed and are "stuck" in the system, additional calls (over 30) will not go through and will be logged as errors.



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