Call Server: Undecipherable Message Is Displayed When the VMS Subsystem Is Down

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Undecipherable Message Is Displayed When the VMS Subsystem Is Down

Problem Summary When playing a video to a caller, the DarwinStreamingServer.exe is terminated. The video stops playing and an error message is recorded in the VMS Error Log.
Error Message 340: Oct 25 2007 16:59:46.267 -0400: %CVP_7_0_VMS-3-VMS_SUBSYSTEM_STREAMING_SERVER_DOWN: The Streaming Server State: UNKNOWN. [id:11512]
Possible Cause Note: There are three internal states outputted by the VMS Darwin Streaming Server keep-alive thread which help drive the overall state of the VMS. These are internal states, not necessarily representative of the state of the VMS as a whole.

The appropriate error message for an agent to see when VMS detects Darwin is down is "VMS Subsystem is down". You may see a different error message if the streaming server poller is in between cycles when the VMS Subsystem goes down. This error message is accurate as it is the output from the keep-alive thread, which tracks the VMS Subsystem through three states: IN_SERVICE, PARTIAL_SERVICE and UNKNOWN. These are not the states that the VMS Subsystem uses.

Recommended Action To see the appropriate error message, wait for one full polling cycle (default: 30 sec) to ensure that the proper error message appears.
Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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