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SSL Recovery

Problem Summary The Operations Console is unable to communicate with the Operations Console Resource Manager (ORM) service on a device.
Error Message Call Server device with IP Address: <x.x.x.x> and Hostname: <server1> operation failed. Device could not be reached because of a failure in negotiating security certificates. Please refer to documentation for configuring security before trying the operation again.
Possible Cause If the user checks the secure communications checkbox in Operations Console device configuration without first configuring security certificates as outlined in Chapter 6 of the Configuration and Administration Guide for Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal, the Operations Console will not be able to communicate with the Operations Console Resource Manager on the device.
Recommended Action The solution is to edit the in the conf directory of the device. Change the property to false to put the device back into non-secure mode. Next, uncheck the checkbox in the Operations Console and restart the Operations Console Resource Manager service on the device. This will put both the Operations Console and the device Resource Manager back into a non-secure mode. The user can then configure security certificates before checking the secure communications checkbox.

Note: Changes in security settings require that the Operations Console service and the Resource Manager service be restarted.

Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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