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Media Poller timing issues

Problem Summary Metadata files are modified from within the administrative web UI or from within the file system while the media poller is polling in the background.
Error Message none
Possible Cause The media poller feature is used to automatically add new video resources from the file system, but can result in some rare timing issues.

The media poller begins its polling and cycles through the c:\foo directory. At this time, if an administrator adds and saves a new file c:\foo\bar.xml using the administrative web UI, the administrator (and possibly agents) see bar.xml displaying in their web UI. At this point the media poller cycle ends as c:\foo\bar.xml was not present when that directory was polled. This is because c:\foo\bar.xml is considered to be deleted by the media poller and is removed from memory. Subsequent refreshes of the administrative or agent web UIs show c:\foo\bar.xml as missing. The following media poller cycle picks up c:\foo\bar.xml more permanently.

Recommended Action This is a subtle, timing issue. In the end, the media poller performs its function and gets back to synchronizing with the file system after another polling cycle. The VMS media poller process will never delete or modify existing files on the system. It will only poll for their existence and current status.
Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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