Call Server: Invalid Thumbnail Images on VMS Server

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Invalid Thumbnail Images on VMS Server

Problem Summary Invalid images in the VMS movie library causing unintended consequences on the VMS system.
Error Message none
Possible Cause none
Recommended Action Be sure to adhere to the following guidelines for thumbnail images on the VMS system. Valid thumbnail image pixel size is 120 x 80 (width x height).Thumbnail images must have the same name as the XML file, with the exception of the file extension. Supported file extensions are: .jpg, .gif, and .png.

Note: Large images use more network bandwidth and will impact Video Media Server performance when they are displayed to agents. Images that are larger or smaller than120 x 80 will be resized for display only. The content on the image itself does not change on the file system.

Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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