Call Server: IVR Service CALL RESULT Returns Error Code Other than 0

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IVR Service CALL_RESULT Returns Error Code Other than 0

Problem Summary The IVR Service sends a CALL_RESULT error code other than a zero (0) to the Call Server log.
Error Message Below is an example of one of the messages:

4765560: Aug 18 2007 06:09:59:484 -0400: %TEMP:CVP7.0_IVR-7-TRACE_CALL: {Thrd=http-8000-3} VBServlet:service: Request from {CALL_ID=979679B9-2DD811DB-B72D0014-6944B762, MSG_TYPE=CALL_RESULT, CALL_SEQ_NUM=2, ERROR_CODE=32}

Possible Cause The problem is due to an error with the Run Script Request from Unified ICME.
Recommended Action Check the Error Code that was received in the Event Codes and Reasons appendix of this document, and take the appropriate action. For additional information and a complete list of the cause codes, refer to the Cause Codes and Debug Values section of the Cisco IOS Voice Troubleshooting and Monitoring Guide.
Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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