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Call Server Is Unreachable

Problem Summary The Call Server is unreachable.
Possible Cause A configured component is unreachable in any one of the following three conditions:
  • Operations Console is unable to connect to the Operations Console Resource Manager that is co-located with the Call Server. For example, the Operations Console Resource Manager is down.
  • The Operations Console Resource Manager on the Call Server has not received a state event from the controller of that component.
  • The Operations Console Resource Manager is unable to connect to the Call Server so it is not receiving state events from the central controller. For example, the Call Server is down.
Recommended Actaion In this example, all three services (Unified ICME, IVR, and SIP) have been configured. The central controller reports that IVR Service and SIP are IN_SERVICE, but it does not report the status of the Unified ICME Service to the Operations Console for some reason. When this occurs, Operations Console reports the status of Unified ICME as UNREACHABLE. Operations Console aggregates the status of the various components of the device to arrive at device status. It sees that two of the components (IVR Service and SIP) are in SERVICE, but Unified ICME is UNREACHABLE. Operations Console shows the status of the Call Server as UNREACHABLE even though IVR Service and SIP are actually in service.

Check the network environment for connectivity, as well as the actual state of the server.

Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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