Call Flow Details for CUBE with CTI-Controlled Unified CM Agents

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This page contains the detailed results of a number of carefully defined call flows.  The results include:

  • The metadata collected by MediaSense, presented in JSON format
  • The list of session events published by MediaSense

The tests documented in this page use the following Cisco MediaSense configuration:

[Phone 1026] ---> [Unified CM] ---> [Phone 1023] 
                        |      `--> [Phone 1024]
                        | Route Point 5999
           [3rd Party Call Controller]

  • All phones are registered to a Unified CM.
  • Unified CM has a route point 5999, which is configured to consult a 3rd party call controller
  • The 3rd party call controller is programmed to deliver the call to 681023 if it is coming from 1026, and to 1024 if it is coming from 1023.
  • Unified CM has a trunk to CUBE, to which all calls prefixed with 68 are directed
  • CUBE is configured to strip the 68 prefix and deliver the call back to Unified CM without the prefex
  • CUBE is configured to fork its media to Cisco MediaSense

Call Flows and Resulting Data

Call Flow
Details CCID    Data    Events Notes
Normal Delivery
1026 dials 5999, gets delivered to agent at 1023, later hangs up.



Single-step Transfer to Route Point
1026 dials 5999, gets delivered to agent at 1023.
Agent at 1023 transfers call to 5999.
1026 gets delivered to agent at 1024.
Caller hangs up.
Track inactivity events

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