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TTSX session 7 TTS error -3 'connect' - text not rendered

TTSX session 7 TTS error -3 'connect' - text not rendered


This error suggests that the TTS server is not running. To resolve this, follow the steps outlined below:

  • On your CUAE server, go to Services
  • Search for VT Server
  • Right-click on VT Server and click Start
  • Once the server is up and running, retry the application. The error should be resolved.
  • If it say "The specified service has been marked for deletion.", restart app server.
  • Then, go to "C:\VW\VTSvc\server" and run "VTSvc -install","VTSvc -start".

Upgrading 2.4.X to 2.5.1 Core Addendum removes TTS executables

Upgrading 2.4.X to 2.5.1 Core Addendum removes TTS executables. Also, VT Service is no longer installed, but the Kate Voicetext files are still intact.


This scenario occurs when you upgrade the 2.5.1 Core Addendum installer while NeoSpeech from the current install is in a certain state.

Workaround: </b>

  • Download the Neospeech TTS Server installer and run it, accepting all of the defaults
  • Edit the TTS configuration file at C:\ttssrv.ini
    • Change the NfsDir path to match the path of the Cisco Unified Media Engine, which by default is C:/Program Files/Cisco Systems/Unified Application Environment/MediaServer
    • Verify that the following two lines are present:

KateSelect 1 ;

Kate DB Select YumiSelect 0 ;

Yumi DB Select

If the CUAE has already been upgraded to 2.5.1 when you catch this error, then follow the steps outlined below:

    1. From the Start Menu, go to Administrator Tools > Services
    2. Stop CUAE Watchdog
    3. Stop CUAE Media Server
    4. Open the folder C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\Unified Application Environment\LicenseServer
    5. Run removelic.bat
    6. Run setuplic.bat
    7. Reboot the machine

Error: 'z:\xyz.wav' not found, convert it to TTS

I see the following error in the logs: 'z:\xyz.wav' not found, convert it to TTS


It appears the Media Engine cannot find the file in question. Note that the Media Engine can only read directories on the local machine. So to get it to read the files on a different server, you will need to map the local Media Engine directory as a remote directory in your remote server.

Which languages does TTS support?

Which languages does TTS support?


Presently, TTS used with CUAE supports English, Korean and Chinese.

Converting the TTS Engine time from US Time to UK Time

I am using the TTS engine in CUAE to play the prompt below:

12/06/2008 16:54:13

I find that the TTS engine converts this to US time when it plays. How do I have it interpreted as UK time instead?


  • Use the following snippet for conversion:

Convert.ToDateTime(g_TimeLogged, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo("en GB").DateTimeFormat).ToString("MMMM dd, yyyy HH:mm:ss")

  • Once you change the US date to UK date, save it in a variable.
  • Use this variable in your prompt.

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