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Unable to hear any audio while playing wav/tts file

I am running an application to play a wav/tts file to a phone. However, I am unable to hear any audio. The logs reveal the following messages: <field name="terminationCondition">deviceerror</field>


  • One of the reasons for this error could be HMP failure. Verify that the HMP is running.
    • Go to Start > Programs > Intel Net Structure HMP > Configuration Manager DCM
    • HMP_Software#0 should depict a green arrow. If it isn't, restart HMP.
    • This error could also occur if the media engine has been installed on VMWare. We do not recommend this. Reinstall on proper machine to resolve issue.

SDK License not visible

I have applied an SDK license to my media engine, and the available licenses depicted on the cuae admin interface reflect this. However, application logs show the following: Info: MCP Resources available for LocalMedia (cuae): ip=1(1) v=1(1) c=6(6) l=0(0)

I am unable to use more than one RTP port at a time.


  • Ensure that licenses are not being held up by other application instances holding media resources.
  • Ensure that the Dialogic HMP media engine is not using the default license that allows only 1 RTP stream. This will require applying the correct license. If that doesn't work either, it indicates a faulty install. A fresh install will be required to resolve the issue.

Applicable to release 2.5.1 SR2

Which version of HMP is supported by CUAE 2.5.1 SR2?

Which version of HMP is supported by CUAE 2.5.1 SR2?


HMP 3.0 SU214 is shipped with CUAE 2.5 SR2.

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