CMB Unable to Establish RMI Link to CIM

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Property File Validation

  1. Verify the correct settings are configured in the file located on the CMB server. Navigate to C:\CiscoMB\servlet\Properties\Blender\
  2. Verify the correct settings are configured on the CIM CMB properties file located on the CIM Services Server. Navigate to C:\<CIM_Home_Direcotry>\eService\config\cmb\<ipAddressofCMB_port>.properties
    You will need to rename this file to the correct IP address and port.
    Ipaddress properties.jpg

Any changes to properties files require a restart of Cisco Media Blender

CMB Parameter Validation in CIM

From the System Web Interface Navigate to System Console > Partitions > Default Partition > Listener Verify the following configuration in the CMB Parameters. The parameters in this table must match the name of the file as configured above.

  • Peripheral – Select the Agent PG which CIM is connecting to
  • IP Side A – IP Address of the CMB Server
  • Port Side A – Port CMB is listening on

Define CMB.jpg

Any changes to these CMB Parameters require a restart of the Listener process.



  • From a command line verify the status of the CMB listening port:



Additional tracing can be enabled by changing the verbose level to 10. NOTE: USE THIS LEVEL WITH CAUTION IN PRODUCTION. BE SURE TO REVERT TO 5 WHEN FINISHED AND RESTART CMB

  • To change tracing levels navigate to the file located on the Cisco Media Blender in \CiscoMB\servlet\Properties\Blender

Log level.jpg

  • Restart the Media Blender
  • The CMB log file is located at C:


  • This indicates the application is unable to create and start a registry on the specified port
  • After changing the port as outlined in the sections above, restart the IIS and WWW windows process on the CMB server (Start > Run > services.msc)
  • Prior to restarting CMB, don’t forget to change the logging level in the file and restart CMB when troubleshooting is completed


CMB RMI Link issues can be a combination of issues with property files and Listener parameters.

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