CETTool.exe on Windows 64-bit

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Installation of CETTool.exe on Windows 64-bit

Problem Summary When running CETTool.exe on Windows 64-bit machines, the program lauches, but quits just after entering the login information.
Error Message Cannot locate file: C:\progra~1\wfavvid_801cet\loginDetails.txt
Possible Cause Windows 64-bit installs 32-bit applications in c:\program files (x86), also known by its short name c:\progra~2. CETTool.exe is hardcoded to look in c:\progra~1, also known by its long name c:\program files. Thus the program fails to run, because it's looking in the wrong directory.
Recommended Action Copy the c:\program files (x86)\wfavvid_801cet folder to c:\program files, and run CETTool.exe again.
Release Release 8.0(1), Release 8.0(2), Release 8.0(2) ES1
Associated CDETS # None

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