CAD or CSD window shows partial service for recording and statistics

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CAD or CSD window shows partial service for recording and statistics

Problem Summary In the rascal log files, you will see repeated attempts to connect to the database, with an indication that the connection failed.
Error Message 15:27:26 06/15/2009 MAJOR FCVRS218 FCRasDB::connectToDBServer... Unable to establish a connection to the FCRasSvr database, error failed to connect to ODBC client.
Possible Cause KB957097 that is installed in OS SR17

This problem occurs because of the way that NT LAN Manager (NTLM) treats different naming conventions as remote entities instead of as local entities. A local authentication failure might occur when the client calculates and caches the correct response to the NTLM challenge that is sent by the server in local "lsass" memory before the response is sent back to the server. When the server code for NTLM finds the received response in the local "lsass" cache, the code does not honor the authentication request and treats it as a replay attack. This behavior leads to a local authentication failure.

Recommended Action
  • Edit the hosts file on the CRS computer(s) (..Windows\system32\drivers\etc)
  • Add a line for the computer to resolve it's own Name/IP
  • <my CRS computer name my CRS computer IP>
Release Release 7.0(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCta73709

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