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Error in IE (Class doesn't support Automation)

Problem Summary Error seen in pop up windows in IE
Error Message Class doesn't support Automation
Possible Cause This occurs only on certain windows clients and is found to be an issue with the following windows libraries

msscript.ocx dispex.dll vbscript.dll scrrun.dll urlmon.dll

Recommended Action

Re-registering the required Dlls would solve the issue The steps to so the same are: 1. Go to command prompt 2. cd to c:\<windows_home>\system32 3. regsvr32 <dll_name> e.g (regsvr32 msscript.ocx) Similarly run the regsvr command for the other 4 ddls Then restart IE and this issue would be resolved

Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCsy22707.

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