Authentication: User attempts an HTTP request and receives an HTTP response with status code 401 (Unauthorized)

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User Attempts an HTTP Request and Receives an HTTP Response with Status Code 401 (Unauthorized)

Problem Summary A user provides an invalid username or password when attempting an HTTP request, and receives an HTTP response with status code 401.
Error Message HTTP response with status code 401 (Authorization Failure).
Possible Cause

The user credentials (username or password) are invalid.

Primary and backup AWDB servers are down.

Recommended Action
  • Before authenticating a user with Finesse, the user needs to be created on Unified CCE.
  • Usernames and passwords must be Base64 encoded.
  • HTTP requests must use the HTTP Basic Authentication method.
  • When making requests using Poster, the Application Type must be set to XML.
Release Release 8.5(3), Release 9.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.


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