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No Audio After Consult Transfer

Problem Summary There is no audio between the caller and Agent 2 after a basic video call transfer is complete.
Error Message No message.
Possible Cause When using CUPS 7.0(1), a re-INVITE glare condition might occur, which causes a SIP deadlock situation where CUCM does not resend a re-INVITE after the 491 Request Pending instance.

Specifically, the caller and agent initiate an INVITE simultaneously and then each waits for an ACK. After a timeout delay, both parties reinitiate an INVITE. The glare condition results in the agent reinitiating the INVITE; however, the caller does not. Instead the caller ignores the new INVITE and continues to wait for an ACK from the agent.

Recommended Action There are two possible solutions for the cause of this problem:
  1. Choose a

solution:On the CUPS server, use TCP as the “Protocol Type” for the CUPS static routes. On the CUCM server, use TCP as the “Outgoing Transport Type” for the SIP Trunk Security Profile that is used for the VRU leg of the transfer.

  1. Enable Media Termination Point (MTP) on the SIP trunk and point it directly to CVP, instead of CUPS. This is the trunk for the VRU label route pattern. This solution allows for the use of UDP.
Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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