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Cannot Deploy Newly Added Speech Server

Problem Summary An error messages is received after the Unified CVP Operations Console Server, and the Operations Console Resource Manager on a Nuance Speech Server was installed, and added the Speech Server in Operations Console and saved configuration.
Error Message "<devicetype> device with IP Address: <ip> and Hostname: <host> operation failed. Device could not be reached. The device may have multiple NIC cards enabled. To resolve the issue please keep only one NIC card with required IP address enabled. In addition to the NIC cards change also restart the Resource Manager service on the device."
Possible Cause In some instances, when starting the RMI Server, the RMI server remote stubs contain the IP address of the local host ( instead of the real IP address. Since the 'Resource Manager service' on each machine uses JMX (RMI Server), in the situation where remote stubs containing local host ( the Operations Console Server cannot communicate with that specific 'Resource Manager' service. It is because the Operations Console Server uses the real IP address to communicate with JMX (RMI) Server in the Resource Manager Service where as remote stubs contain local host ip address, so the connection fails.
Recommended Action As indicated in the error message that is displayed in the user interface (UI), perform the steps below:
  1. Check the server where Resource Manager service is running to determine if it has multiple network interface cards (NIC) enabled. If so, disable all of the NIC cards, except the one that has the required IP address for Unified CVP communication.
  2. Open the Services control panel, and locate the Unified CVP Resource Manager service.
  3. Stop the service.
  4. After the service has stopped, start the service.
Release Release 7.0(2)
Associated CDETS # None.

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