Archiver: Performance and Memory Space

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Archiver: Performance and Memory Space

Problem Summary Changing the SQL Server memory setting can cause Out of Memory errors and/or can impact Archiver performance. The Archiver must be installed on a server that has 12GB of memory. The installation changes the SQL Server memory setting from the default (which is dynamic) to a minimum of 2 GB and a maximum of 10 GB. The Archiver Configuration Tool automatically sets switches for /3GB and /PAE. These specifications have been qualified by Cisco Systems, Inc. to afford optimal Archiver performance.
Error Message "Out of Memory"
Possible Cause You have changed the default, Cisco-qualified memory settings, which affects the performance of your Archiver.
Recommended Action Contact your Support Provider for guidance on changing the memory space back to the qualified values. If the settings are changed to a non-qualified value, Cisco Systems cannot support the altered environment.
Release Release 7.5(2)
Associated CDETS # None

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