Archiver: Fixing 30* or D* in Interval columns of Archiver tables

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Problem Summary CUIC does not show data for the last interval period
Error Message Not applicable.
Possible Cause Interval tables such as [archiver].[dbo].[t_AgentSkillGroupInterval], [archiver].[dbo].[t_CallTypeInterval] has interval value D* or 30* for the last interval period instead of D or 30.

When Archiver pulls data, it groups data based on interval period. For e.g. there could be multiple 30 min interval groups on a given day if the interval is '30'. The last interval period is called as 'Part Interval'. Such rows has interval data '30*' or 'D*' instead of '30' or 'D'.

Recommended Action If you would like to view part interval data, then change the setting LoadPartInterval=true in archiver.t_Parameter table.

Note: This is a global setting that would affect all interval tables

Releases Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # CSCtn22768

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