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Validating Application Server Configuration

  • Check WebLogic Server JVM heap size, and ensure that it is >= 512 MB and <= 1 GB, depending on the memory availability on web/app server
  • Monitor memory and JSP / Servlet usage through WebLogic Admin Console.
    • Navigate to WebLogic Admin Console using the following URL: http:<servername>:9001/console
    • Login to the console using the WebLogic username/password that was provided at the time of creating the WebLogic Server domain.
    • Monitors parameters shown in the screenshot on next slide, for contention.

Troubleshooting Application Server issues

  • Debugging issues related to startup classes
    • Verify that license files, namely eg_license.xml and eg_license_<partitionId>.xml have been copied into the <Unified EIM / Unified WIM install dir>/config/license folder.
    • Verify that License Manager startup class was successfully able to create the file <Unified EIM / Unified WIM install dir>/web/view/platform/common/license.js.
  • User login takes a long time
    • Verify that the applet host entry in database (egpl_pref_globalsettings table of Active DB) has the correct server IP address, by running the following query: select * from egpl_pref_globalsettings where setting_name = ‘Common.messaging.applethost’
    • Verify java console output on client side for errors logged in a format similar to JAVA exceptions (see screenshot). Click View -> Java Console on IE.

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