Application Extension Platform 1.x -- Uninstalling an Application

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To remove software, perform the following steps.

Software Uninstall

se-Module> software uninstall

A numbered list of application packages are displayed on the screen. The number (#) column identifies each add-on package in the list.

Remove Application

se-Module>r number

Removes the application.

number refers to the number of the application in the numbered list. Take care to choose the correct number that corresponds with your application.

A confirmation question appears: Are you sure? [y/n]: y

Note: If you answer n to this question the application is not uninstalled. Later you can uninstall the application by reentering the original software uninstall command.

The Cisco AXP service module automatically reboots, which is a normal occurrence.

Wait until the system reboots and the prompt is redisplayed on the screen.

Show Software Packages

show software packages

Shows programs and options that are currently installed. Recently removed applications should not be on the list.

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