Application Extension Platform 1.x -- Preparing an Application with RPMs using Predefined RPM Directory

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To prepare an application with RPMs by using a predefined directory path and thge built-in RPM infrastructure of Cisco AXP, perform the following steps.

Note: This is the preferred way to install RPM's into an AXP application.


Navigate to build directory

[root@centos /]# cd /opt/tcpdump/

Make directory third_party_rpms_repository

[root@centos tcpdump]# mkdir third_party_rpms_repository

Obtain RPM files from a repository and copy RPMs into your third_party_rpms_repository

[root@centos tcpdump]# cp /download/tcpdump-3.9.4-15.el5.i386.rpm third_party_rpms_repository/

Create an rpm_priority.dat file

This file should contain a list of the RPMs that will be installed, and the priority order in which they should be installed. It should be located in third_party_rpms_repository.

For more information on this, refer to the "Packaging and Installing RPMs using a Predefined Directory Path" in "Packaging the Application" in the relevant AXP Developer Guide. Refer to the AXP Configuration Guides.

[root@centos tcpdump]# cat third_party_rpms_repository/rpm_priority.dat
[root@centos tcptrace]# 

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